Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Immer Vorwarts!

The Prussians are shaping up nicely!  As is proper, light fighters lead the way onto the field.

My first unit that is battle ready are the Volunteer Jaegers.  They are the rifle armed skirmish specialists of the Brigade that are attached out in companies to the Regiments.

Leutnant Scharf, Feldwebel Hopfer and the Auserlesene Männer are ready to take on Monsieur!

The next unit to be completed will be the Fusilier battalion.  They are the equivalent of French Legere or British Light and give the Regiment a full sized unit that can fight as a Line battalion or that can break into skirmish to operate in rough ground, woods, etc., and give the Musketeer battalions a skirmish screen and covering fire while they advance.

The Army Painter Dark Tone wash looks good on these guys, I think.  I wanted the Prussians to be darker than the French and they are definitely that.  Will keep on using it for the remainder of the units as they are ready to base.

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