Saturday, June 18, 2016

at Cullison's Cards & Games, Jonesboro AR
HAPPY 201st Anniversary of Waterloo!

During the disastrous retreat from Waterloo, a French rear guard force of an infantry brigade, a cavalry brigade, and 2 field guns prepares to sell their lives dearly to allow Napoleon to escape the clutches of their enemies.  The force takes position for a delaying action and fighting withdrawal to the two bridges across the river to their rear.  The infantry and field guns are on the French left with the narrower and more restricted avenue of advance on their right covered by Hussars and a Horse gun.  A Legere and Dragoon unit remains in reserve.

The forces of William, Prince of Orange, are in pursuit!  If his loyal chief of staff can keep "Silly Billy" from forming everyone in square, that is.

On the Allied right, a Nassau infantry brigade with 2 field guns in support advance against the main French infantry positions.

The Dutch-Belgian Infantry and Cavalry brigades, with 2 field guns in support, come up the Allied middle and their left to advance on the French Hussars and Reserves in the center.

A valiant Legere unit, deployed to the front in skirmish order, continues to be disordered by enemy fire and cannot retreat.  They stubbornly pass saving throws and morale throws to hold their position against overwhelming enemy forces!  The field guns behind them fire in support and the Ligne units, ordered to advance, disgracefully "fail" their order tests to do so.  For shame on them!

A desperate attack by Dutch-Belgian cavalry on the exposed French horse gun is forced back by point blank closing fire.  THIS IS MY BOOM STICK!

Knowing that doom is closing in on them from advancing Dutch-Belgian skirmishers on their right, the horse gunners wade into the fight, enfilading and destroying a Dutch-Belgian militia unit and keeping another on the road at bay in a desperate bid to hold the line.

The French army commander... otherwise known as ME.. commits a grave tactical mistake of having my cavalry out of position.  The rapid reaction of the Dutch-Belgian cavalry commander, my buddy Karl, makes me pay horribly!

After running afoul of an ill advised charge against Cuirassier last time, Karl owes me a cavalry beat down and he DELIVERS!  After dispersing the Legere, his rampaging light cavalry destroys both the Dragoons and the Hussars which are all the French have on their right flank.  The path to the bridge to their front is clear and the Dutch Belgian cavalry move on to victory!

A valiant defense of the French left flank by our new friend Thomas finally falls to Mike's advancing Nassauers and the Allied victory is complete.  Huzzah to "The Young Frog" and his troops!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

 Diecon, Collinsville IL
Had a most excellent time throwing down with my buddies this weekend at Diecon.