Monday, June 29, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Here's a very nice recreation of Waterloo in 6mm.. really do like how this gentleman did his basing!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo!  :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What an absolutely magnificent event these gentlemen in Australia held for the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo.  My compliments! 


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Here we have a video battle report from my buddy Jason Smith on a Robotech battle he recently fought in.  I like his battle reports for, if nothing else, how he says GITSUMMMMM!  :)

Monday, June 15, 2015

In honor of the 200th anniversary of Waterloo, the GITSUM (Gamers Into Tactical Simulation Using Miniatures) gaming club of Central Arkansas re-created part of the battle of Waterloo using 28mm figures and BLACK POWDER rules.  Our scenario was scaled down to accommodate what figures we had available and represented d'Erlon's 1st Corps attack against Wellington's left flank. 

The mighty columns of d'Erlon's Corps supported by Jacquinot and Milhaud's cavalry and two 12pd guns of le' Grande Batterie prepare to step off on the attack. Marshal Ney to the front!  Drurette's division is not represented in this force as it was off to the French right somewhere engaging the Dutch Belgians and Nassauers and such in Fichermont, Smohain, etc. The assault is planned to pass by la Haye Sainte, screening it with two battalion's of Alix's division, and on to push the Ross Biffs from their ridge line.

KGL Lights and 95th Rifles in la Haye Sainte and the Sandpit await the coming storm.

Brits and Scots and Russians standing in for Hannoverians and Union Brigade Cav are going to be very tough to dislodge from their defensive position.

With much elan and cries of "Vive le Emporer!" d'Erlon's die roll of the first French turn propels his entire division forward 3 full moves and Marshal Ney leads Milhaud's Curassier up the left flank. The 12pdr's fire against the enemy held ridge line whiffs, which they do for the rest of the game, so no more will be spoken of them! MERDE!

Under ineffective cannon fire from the enemy held ridge, d'Erlon once again propels his division forward to threaten la Haye Sainte and the company of the 95th Rifles in the sand pit. Alix's division forgets they are to SCREEN against the KGL battalion in la Haye Sainte, and launch an all out attack on the fortified farm complex. Sacre' Bleu! The Allied commander, seeing the French closing on his position fast, launches Somerset's heavies early to cause a roadblock and keep them from advancing past la Haye Sainte.

Ney leads the 1st Cuirassier with a FOLLOW ME move, forcing the KGL Line battalion into square and evading past them and re-setting to threaten the rear of the enemy line. French heavies have broken through!

Fighting continues to rage around la Haye Sainte as the right flank of d'Erlon's Corps holds up just out of musket range from the enemy on the ridge until they can go up with their comrades to their left.

Ponsonby's Union Brigade Cav charge Ney's Cuirassiers, who countercharge, win the battle, and sweeping advance charge to finish off the enemy. Now Ney and his Cuirassier are up IN it, enemy all around turning to face them, but relishing the glory of re-directing the enemy's attention to their rear. If only d'Erlon's Corps can advance quickly and force the issue it's victory for France!

The 95th Company holding the sand pit is wiped out, the KGL Line battalion defending the farm is finally broken, and la Haye Sainte falls to the French as a Voltigeur battalion has advanced into the farm's garden behind the main complex. Allons-y!

A general advance is ordered once again and d'Erlon's Corps move up to challenge the ridge with volley fire and close in cannon support from the division's 6pdrs. Units on both sides break or fall back as the battle for the hedge and sunken road sways back and forth! 
"Volley fire present... FIRE!" "Attencion.. TIREZ!"

Jacquinot's Dragoons charge an English line that rolls a snake eyes, doesn't form square, and the English are driven back wtih heavy casualties. The Dragoons pay for their win as they are savaged with gunfire in the enemy's turn and they break. MERDE!

Ney extricates himself from deep behind enemy lines but must leave his brave Cuirassier to their fate as he comes to help push the French forward to complete their victory. More savage pointblank gunfire causes unit after unit on both sides to fall back or break, but it's 6pm and the British claim their Momma said it's time to go home for supper so we call it a day after 5 hours of fun. The British still hold the ridge but the French are close enough to breath garlic on them, so it's only a minor Allied victory. Great game!
The gallant French attackers.

The victorious Allied defenders

A bustle rack is where a tanker keeps his stuff.  Seemed like a good name for a blog about miniature wargaming as this is where I'll be keeping my stuff!