Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Prussian infantry figures should be arriving back from a painter soon, so the force's command figures are on my painting table today.

First off, we have a couple of Musketeer battalion commander figures.  These are from the Perry 28mm Prussian collection.

Next is a couple of the Warlord Games Prussian Landwehr officers.  I will use these as commanders for two Landwehr battalions that will be the second force added to my Prussian Brigade.

Two more officers from the Perry line.  The guy on the left will be my first Regimental commander and the fellow on the left, his coat tails bouncing with his horse's gait, will be the command figure for a two unit Cavalry Brigade of Uhlan Lancers and Hussars.

And finally, again from the Perry line, are the two figs that will grace my Brigade command stand.  There's an officer with a telescope and Old Blucher with his pipe!  I know Blucher was an Army commander and some purists may frown on him commanding my Prussian brigade.  Thhhppffffttt!  I will be having me some 'ol Blucher in my Prussian army.  :)

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