Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Prussian Musketeer Battalion
The first Musketeer battalion is ready to fight!  It's a 24 figure unit of the Nr8 Leib (1st Brandenburgisches) Infantrie Regiment and carries the black Regimentfahne standard.  Its sister battalion will carry the white Leibfahne.
As with the Fusiliers, there's an extra stand available to quickly replace plastic figure casualties that may occur during a game.

The Battalion Commander is mounted and is undoubtedly turning to yell something suitably harsh and guttural over his shoulder at Gefreiter Schickelgruber, a known skulker lurking somewhere in the last rank.

The last of the infantry for this first Regiment will be another Musketeer battalion carrying the Leibfahne.  It's going on the bases tonight!  Will have to post some group photos of the army so far when this last unit is ready to fight.

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