Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tank 'er Treat Late War Tournament
The Game Store, Jacksonville, AR

On Saturday, October 8, we had 18 Flames of War players join us for our annual TANK 'ER TREAT tournament using Late War Tank Companies at 1650 points.  There were 9 Allied and 9 Axis players so it was well balanced contest of Red vs. Blue action!

Here are some of the great looking armies that locked horns or some very nice looking tables.


Some of our players and tables in use for today's gaming.

And on to the action shots!
Here's a lot of bad news rolling someone's way.

Hunkering down in a town square.

Air power did very well all day for both sides!

Canadians advance through a small village.

Winter Russians on a winter table.. nice!


This was an epic fight over and objective that was fun to watch.


German armor and infantry on the move.

Soviet tank column advances towards a bridge.

Our big winners for the day!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did doing the T.O. Duties! 

We'll see you all again next Spring for our GITSUMONYA tourney.