Thursday, July 9, 2015

Got a few pics back today from the gentleman painting my Prussian infantry of a test figure.. like it!  Looking forward to getting my troops back, basing them, and getting them onto the field.

This is one of the line infantry troops in a Prussian Musketeer battalion.  There are two of these battalions in a regiment and they are equivalent to French Ligne or British Line units.

The Fusiliers will look just like the Musketeers other than their webbing and cross belts will be black instead of white.  There's one Fusilier battalion in the Regiment to provide light infantry support for the Musketeers.  They are equivalent to French Legere or British Light battalions.

The Regiment will also have a unit of a dozen or so Volunteer Jaeger skirmishers in green coats and carrying rifles.  They are equivalent to British Rifle Companies other than having a little bit lower Elite rating to help them remove Disorder before movement phase.

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