Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Gentlemen, I give you today's fox."  Having a good day for continuing my 28mm BLACK POWDER Napoleonics wargaming collection!  :)

Started off with receiving a couple of boxes of the Perry plastic Prussian line and Jager infantry sets.  These two boxes, as well as a box of Warlord Prussian Landwehr, will give me a nice one-person sized Prussian force for play of 2 Musketeer battalions, a Fusilier battalion, a Landwehr battalion, and a Jager company.  I've got the Perry mounted Prussian field officers and Warlord mounted Prussian Landwehr officers figs either already here or on the way as well as a couple of Perry 6pdr guns with crews.  As the French are finishing up, these will kick in to high gear on the production line as I need some opponent figures for the Frogs!

I finally replaced my long lost VHS tape of WATERLOO with a new DVD compliments of Barnes & Noble mail order.  Good painting inspiration.

I also finished up the 1st Battalion, 17th Ligne who join their comrades of the 2nd Battalion of the regiment already serving in the field.

Another addition today was the limber for the Cuirassier Division's 6pd Horse Artillery battery.  Kind of a pain to put together and paint considering how little time guns have spent limbered in our games so far, but wanted one for the Horse Gun, anyway, to show it as different than the Field pieces.  May get some limbers for the field guns eventually, but it's WAY down on the "To Do" list if I do.


  1. My Austrians came in last Saturday. Trying to determine how I'm going to paint them. But the game is afoot.

  2. Looking forward to seeing pics of the new Austrian units getting ready to tangle with my French.