Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Some more pics from the painter of the Prussian work in progress.  Hoping to have these back early next week to do the touchups, highlights, blackwash, and basing.  Can't wait to get them into a fight with my French!  :)
Command stand figs for the Musketeer battalions.  Will be clipping those flag poles off and drilling holes to put my standards from Flag Dude into those guys hands.  

The officers that will be on the stand with them are mounted.  I painted them myself.  Thought they came out pretty cool!  The two battalion commanders are on the left and in the middle with the regimental commander on the right.
The troops for the two Musketeer battalions in the Regiment.  The Fusilier battalion troops will look just like these except have black crossbelts and straps instead of white. 

Here is the unit of Volunteer Jaegers that support the Regiment.  Rifle armed skirmishers rock in BLACK POWDER!  They're not quite as good at the British 95th Rifles (the BLACK POWDER rules being written by Brits, imagine that!) but they're pretty close.  They can even roll for a 5+ to remove Disorder before movement where most other troops can't.

These guys are to be based two to a 60mm x 20mm base as they'll only be a Small unit and will spend all their time in Skirmish order.  That lets them evade larger formed infantry units that charge them.

Herr Leutnant Richard Scharf will lead my green jacketed Auserlesene Männer to victory!  :)


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