Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Prussian 8th Brandenburgerischer Infanterie Regiment Takes the Field
My first Regiment of an eventual Prussian Brigade is completed!  This project kicked off July 1 with assembly of the miniatures.  With the use of a painter to do the basic paint job on the figures with me painting the Command figures, the Cannon, doing touch up painting and Army Painter Dark Tone wash on the infantry, and adding Flag Dude standards I'm very happy with the results!

The Volunteer Jaeger riflemen take the lead in Skirmish order and are backed up by the Regiment's Fusilier Battalion that is ready to either fight in line or also break up into Skirmish order to assist the Jaegers in fighting off swarms of French Voltigeurs.

The mounted Regimental Commander has taken his position among the Battalions to take care of business.
The two Musketeer Battalions follow up for the main assault in Angriffskolonne, or the "Zug" Column. for maneuverability and shock affect in assault.


Two 6pdr Field Guns from the Brigade's Artillery unit give the Regiment its fire support.  When the 2nd Regiment is completed, one of these guns will swing over to support that unit.
So.. a repeat of this Regiment, a Landwehr Infantry Regiment, and a Cavalry Regiment of Uhlan Lancers and Landwehr Hussars are what I have in mind to complete the Brigade.  After GenCon is over, I look forward to getting these guys into battle soon and then get cracking on the rest of the Brigade.  
On to Paris!


  1. These are very good. I do love the Prussians and it is a gap in my own collection. You have done a great job on these. May I ask what rules you us?

  2. BLACK POWDER. Fun set of rules. Thanks for 5he compliments guys!