Saturday, January 2, 2016

28mm BLACK POWDER Napoleonics
Another fun day of Napoleonic gaming with my buddies Karl and Shawn as we get some French vs. British and Dutch Belgian Allies into a big meeting engagement at Cullison's Cards & Games in Jonesboro AR.  Great new game store in town!  Definitely worth a visit.
On the French right / Dutch Belgian left the French have 2 Cuirassier, a Horse Gun, 4 Infantry Battalions, and a Field Gun facing the Allies 2 Light Cavalry, 2 Field Guns, and 5 Infantry Battalions.

On the French left / British center and right the Allies have 7 Infantry Battalions, a Howitzer, 2 Field Guns, and Heavy Dragoons facing the French force of 4 Infantry Battalions, a Field Gun, Dragoons and Hussars.
Marshal Ney leads the French while Wellington, the Prince of Orange, Picton, Pack and Kempt are leaders featured in the Allied forces.

The French stand ready to do the bidding of Le Empereur and drive the enemy away from their Prussian allies! 

The Allies gain the initiative and begin their attack by advancing forward with their infantry and guns and throwing the Belgian Light Cavalry in a charge against the Cuirassier, who are happy to oblige them and countercharge!

The outcome was severe.  Both Belgian mounted units break and, with their follow up move and then charge into the flank of the enemy line the French heavies begin rolling up the Dutch Belgian left as their guns and infantry advance to support the cavalry's flank charges.

Marshal Ney attaches to a Ligne battalion and with a "Follow me!" order moves the unit up to and occupy a large chateau complex immediately to the front of the center British brigade.  This unit draws the attention of two Rifle Companies, 2 Infantry Battalions, and a Howitzer and bogs up the enemy's center for the entire battle as the Ligne battalion grimly hangs on with Ney successfully rolling each turn to remove casualties and keep them in the fight.

On the other flank, battle lines meet to begin giving fire.  The French Hussars are swept away by cannon and small arms fire and a British Infantry battalion also breaks under the hammering of the French Legere and Ligne battalions supported by a Field Battery.

Assaulted on their flanks and rear by Curassier and their front by Ligne battalions, the Dutch Belgian army breaks and the French right flank is clear!  They begin to move up to support the right of their brothers in the Chateau and threaten the British left flank. 

On their right the battle lines are holding, but with the French right bearing down on their exposed left the British general orders his units to begin falling back, leaving Riflemen to cover his retreat northward along the road to Brussels.