Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Sire.. the Prussians are here!"  Kicking off the Prussian project to field a reinforced Regiment to fight alone or with Allies vs. my French and here is what's on the work table today.


I have Perry field officers to put into the units, high command figs to make a command base as well as old Blucher riding around, and 6pdr cannons with a couple of Warlord Landwehr officers thrown in for those infantry guys.  I will be working on these while my Prussian Musketeers, Fusiliers, Landwehr and Jagers are off being painted.  They should be ready when their troops return for basing!
The Perry 28mm plastic Prussian Line 1813-1815 box has figures that are easy to work with, relatively flash free, and should paint up well.  I do wish they had the heads molded on as the plastic French line infantry did so they were a little fussier to put together, but a body, a pack, and a head isn't bad compared to something like Victrix for work needed to assemble.

Here's the first batch completed with a light coat of primer.  Looking forward to getting these units fielded and into a game!  

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