Monday, July 27, 2015

Prussian Fusilier Battalion
The rest of the Regiment's light troops are ready for battle.  The Fusilier Battalion is a 24 figure strong unit and, like their historical counterparts, do not carry a standard and use black webbing and straps instead of the white used by the Musketeer battalions of the Regiment.

The extra stand bringing up the rear is because with plastic figs you never know when you're going to take casualties during a game.. best to have a quick stand of reinforcements ready!

I love the crusty old Feldwebel encouraging his Officer to lead on!  

The Fusiliers are also capable of operating in Skirmish order.  That will be handy to keep those nasty French Voltigeurs busy or drive them away from the Musketeer battalions that have to remain formed up other when they are going through rough ground they can go through only in skirmish order.

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