Sunday, September 6, 2015

Polish and Ottoman Turk forces from the 1600's meet in a "By Fire and Sword" engagement hosted by my buddy Karl.
I am playing Ottoman Turks.  GITSUM!

I am attempting to get light cav onto the right flank and infantry muskets on the left flank for fire support while advancing cavalry up the middle.  I'm also hoping to draw off his Winged Hussars with my light cavalry.

My lance armed cavalry charge the enemy!

The Winged Hussars charge my light cavalry who have gotten too close to evade. AAGGGHHH!!

Well I successfully drew the Winged Hussars away from my main battle area but they are now behind the left flank of my comrade to my right.  "Hey buddy.. there's an elite enemy cavalry unit coming in behind your left flank.. just an FYI..." 

My Lancers on the far right destroy an enemy unit, ride out of command range, and supposedly off into the sunset thinking all is well.  Meanwhile, my infantry on my left is stalled in disorder and my main cavalry unit's charge against the Poles is disastrous.

For our second game, I break out some old school STAR TREK MAX.  A narrow safe passage through the Neutral Zone has a Klingon and a Federation force both show up at the same time.  Sounds like the Romulans have been double dealing as usual!

Great seeing everyone yesterday and having some fun gaming!