Sunday, April 10, 2016

at The Game Store, Jacksonville, AR
Good times at our Early War tournament this weekend!
Will and Chris locking horns in round one with a classic Soviets vs. Finns battle.
Mike's lunge mine toting Japanese attacking French Armored Recon supported by Somuas.
Hugh's Germans and Ben's Soviet infantry companies tangle up.
A nice German gun line!
French Somuas moving to delay a Japanese attack.
Everett's Dutch cavalry and light tanks advancing on the Germans.
Rich's British and Justin's Japanese go at it.  Good to see you back into Flames of War, Justin! 
Chris and his Finns seized the day with 3 straight wins.
Final standings were:
Chris Jackson - Finn Infantry
Rich Haddock - British Infantry
Will Yankausky - Soviet Tank
Ben Floyd - Soviet Infantry
Justin Crawford - Japanese Cavalry
Mike Mansfield - British Tank
Everett Chun - Dutch Infantry
Mike Gregson - Japanese Infantry
Jake Bleed - German Mech
Hance Matyiko - Hungarian Infantry
Hugh Cringle - German Infantry
Mike Bosold (ringer) - French Recon
Thanks for coming out and enjoying the day, guys!