Saturday, March 12, 2016

 Flames of War Mid War Tournament
Hard Knox Games, Elizabethtown, KY
My Army for the Tourney -  US Armored Recon.  HQ, 3 Recon Patrols, Armored Rifles, Sherman Tanks with "Reb" Jackson, and M10 Tank Destroyers.  Fast, hit hard, lots of fun to play!
Did fine in my first round attacking Panzer Grenadiers with Nebelwerfers, Recon, Panzer III's and Marders in support.   Took on his Panzers with my Shermans and his Marders with my M10's and the .50 caliber MG's of my Recon platoons.  Lost a recon platoon but captured an objective for a 5-2 win.
Second round I got all caught up in the game and forgot to take pictures!  Attacking Italian Bersaglieri with German PaK 40's and Panzer IV's in support.  Mauled several of his platoons but didn't kill any, got all shot up and was sitting on the objective for a 4-3 win, but failed a platoon check and then the army check for a disappointing 1-6 loss.

Round 3 vs. my buddy Tom's Panzergrenadiers with Recon, Tigers, and Italian Semovente's in support.  Flung myself upon his middle objective where there were no infantry, but a Tiger and a Mk III awaits!

Lost my Shermans to a flank charge by the Italian Semovente's but pushed deep into his objective area.  Nailed his Mk III, could NOT kill the Tiger, but picked off his Recon for a 2-5 loss.  Great fight, Tom!

Day 2, Round 4 started off defending against a Tiger company with Grenadier, FlaK, and Nebelwerfer support.  Shermans racing in from Reserve come up behind his army and take out the Nebelwerfers.

M10's and Recon help to destroy his FlaK wagens and his Grenadier platoon.  He could not force my Armored Rifles, Dismounted Recon, and M10's off of an objective with just his Tigers so I ended up with a 6-1 win.

Round 5 was defending against a Panzer Kompanie with 88, FlaK, and Recon in support.  My Armored Rifles dug in on the forward objective, M10's ambushed, and destroyed his Mk III platoon.  Shermans finished off his FlaK and his Recon and he failed his army check. 6-1 win for me.

Finished up with 3 wins, 2 losses, and some really great games that were a lot of fun.  Wolfkrieg is one of my favorite tourneys as I get to see a lot of friends I don't see otherwise.  Looking forward to next year already!

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