Saturday, March 19, 2016

1500 pt LW Tank Fight at
Cullison's Cards and Games
Jonesboro AR
My buddy Shawn and I had a chance to throw down a US vs. German tank battle today.  Used the FREE FOR ALL format but really weren't going for any objectives.. just smash face tank fighting in the peaceful(?) French countryside.

I had a M10 TD Platoon's Security Section lurking on my left, the CO with a 3 tank Sherman platoon (mixed 75mm and 76mm guns) Alamo'd up with him on a wooded hill, my XO with another mixed Sherman platoon off to their right, and Stuart light tanks over on my far right.

Unfortunately, my Armored Recovery Vehicle was kept busy un-bogging tanks in the woods during the game!

Shawn had Recon halftracks on his left, two Tigers in the middle with his Panther CO, and a Panther Platoon with Armored Aufklarung on his right.

Shawn pushes his Recce forward on his left and, on his right, his main attack develops with Gepanzerte Auflkarung moving up supported by Panthers.

I respond with an Air Strike by P-47 Thunderbolts that nails a halftrack full of troops and a Panther, as well as popping my M10 ambush to engage the Panthers and moving up right side mixed Sherman platoon for direct fire smoke at the Tigers to try to blind them.  How'd that all work out for me?  NOT SO GOOD!

The TD threat removed by the Panthers, and after having blown away the Sherman platoon that moved up and tried to hit them with direct fire smoke, the Tigers advance.

Other than killing the one Panther, my air let me down the rest of the game.  Here you can see the pitiful attempt to range in and hit both the Tigers with a 3 plane strike!  DOH!

The Stuarts, after having slaughtering the Recon halftracks, have raced across the board to support The Alamo position and begin killing Panthers with flank shots.  Wooohoooo!  :)

As the enemy closes in the hill position begins to be overrun but the Shermans move out to flank the enemy and kill another Panther before dying to Tiger fire.

Shawn's Tigers kicked butt all game!  They were throwing 6's on their To Hit rolls like he was playing YAHTZEE! and winning.  Ouch!

In a desperate bid to cross the river, flank the last Panther, and take it out before they died you can see how well my Stuart crews do at fording operations.  DOH!

Thanks for the fun game, Shawn!  Good to get the tanks and Panzers out of the box again.  :)