Sunday, November 20, 2016

Prussian & British vs. French
Had a couple of Nappy's games with my buddy Ed last week and haven't gotten around to posting any photos yet.  We played a Prussian (Ed) vs. French (me) meeting engagement and a French (Ed) attack vs. British (me).  Good tight games and Ed pulls out the win for both.
French deployment with infantry supported by Hussars and Dragoons going deep right to try to get to a built up area, dismount, and occupy it to harass the Prussian advance.

Ed's having none of that and will send a unit of Fusiliers over to challenge the Dragoons.  The initiative goes to Ed on turn 2, the Dragoons get disordered, and are stuck in place until they are destroyed.  Merde!

Prussian formations move up supported by Jagers and a couple of Field pieces.

Prussian cavalry make a bold move up the middle, but the French respond with concentrated gun fire and blow them away, much to Ed's obvious displeasure. 

Prussian infantry has also pushed up to the middle.  The French Hussars charge to force their lead unit into square, the Hussars bounce clear, and the enemy's unit is destroyed by concentrated fire and assault.  Vive l' France!

The battle comes to a climax with the Prussians holding their position surrounded by French troops.  Legere destroy a field gun and clear the way for a Hussar charge into the rear of a Prussian Musketeer battalion.

The Hussars roll boxcars to continue their charge through Fusilier traversing fire, close with the rear of the Musketeers, but the shaken cavalry are just too light to win the battle and are pushed back by their enemy.

Marshal Vorwarts approves of this result!
The last gambit has failed.  Jagers finish off the French cannons and the French Hussars and remaining infantry are forced to retreat leaving the field to the Prussians.  

Game 2 has a British Brigade, reinforced by field pieces and cavalry, in a rear guard role blocking a road passing through a built up area. 

The French, outnumbering their enemy, confidently come at them "in the same old style".

French Hussars and a field gun keep the enemy honest on their light flank.

One French Brigade blunders and holds position while the other one moves up rapidly.  The British redeploy to meet the main attack.
The British cavalry sound the charge, ride out to glory, destroy two enemy guns, and are in turn dispersed by the third while French heavies move up to seal the deal if needed.

With the enemy closing, the British give the enemy a volley and attack.  Huzzah!

Battle rages with both sides losing units, but the French can afford it.  The enemy close in on the remainder of the British position and Hussars are attacking their lines from the rear.

The Rifles disperse the Hussars, but to no avail.  The French wave assault rolls forward to push the British back and seize the road off of the battlefield.

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