Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Romans and Celts hadn't been out of the box since Jason and I had a bash quite a while ago, so I took them up to Siera Phoenix Gaming in Poplar Bluff and threw down with Josh.

In the mid 1st Century AD as the Roman army occupies Brittania, on occasion one of the local chieftains decides he doesn't have to pay taxes to the swarthy little guys from the Med and he sends their tax collector back without a head!

This warlord has 5 warbands, two slinger skirmisher units, some cavalry, and even a few old school chariots for him and his favorite guys to ride in.  He's also got a Shaman with quite a collection of the heads of the village's enemies.. one of the fresher ones used to belong to the former Roman tax collector.

Well this, of course, just won't do and a vexillation of the Legio LXIX "Hedonis" is dispatched to bring the Celts to heel.

Legate Rodnicus Dangerfieldus has arrived with 4 cohorts of Legionaires, a unit of auxilia light infantry, 2 skirmish units of auxilia archers, and some auxilia cavalry.

The Celts, being impetuous, say "Heck with it" and come on out to meet the Romans.   Josh is cautious in moving his heavier troops up, but the lines slowly engage with some long range bow and sling fire before the clash.
Eventually, though, the Celtic wave breaks on the Legionaries.  In an absolutely amazing spectacle of "can't roll an armor saving throw to save his life", literally, the Josh's Romans are defeated and go down swinging in amongst a howling mob of hairy barbarians.  Rodnicus and his escort ride back to Londinium to tell his commander "We're going to need a bigger boat."

Good fight, Josh,, better luck next time with the armor saves!

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