Sunday, August 2, 2015

Had a BLAST in Indianapolis this last weekend.  Made it up to hit the dealer's area Thursday afternoon and then played in the Able Company hosted FLAMES OF WAR Early War tournament on Friday and the Late War tournament on Saturday. 
Otherwise, I just enjoyed the spectacle of GenCon, seeing and visiting with friends old and new, and hanging out in the very nice downtown Indianapolis entertainment district.  Here's some pics of my adventures. 

Corned Beef, Cabbage and Beer at Claddagh's Irish Pub.  Do this first.  

GenCon Dealer's Area.. it's like a 3 block long concert mosh pit full of every version of gaming products and hobby nerds known to man.. including me!  
My con present to myself.. Miniature Building Authority's awesome Chateau complex and an extra pack of walls for use in BLACK POWDER 28mm Napoleonics gaming. 
Like pretty much all MBA products the roofs come off so you can place figs inside and multiple story buildings have multiple floors like the second floor of the Chateau and the barn hayloft. 
I love the detail on the gates.. innie locking bars and outtie pull rings! 
It can be all put together for one big 'ol honking complex..  
or broken into 2 or 3 smaller complexes which is how I'll usually set it up for Nappys. 
On to the gaming!  Even before our tourney started on Friday this almost stole me away.  I thought it was a Dark Ages Viking kinda' thingy but it's a VERY well modeled up version of a Westeros Game of Thrones kinda' deal.  Looked awesome and when I watched people play for a bit they were having a good time. 

By the wolf's head on that shield I'd say we're looking at the House Stark contingent.
Okay.. to the Early War tournament!  My roomie and gaming bud for the weekend was Will from our GITSUM group (Gamers Into Tactical Simulations Using Miniatures).. we got shirts and nicknames and army patches and everything!
My Early War French Reconnaissance Squadron 
Love these guys!  Cool camo and fun to play.  Let's rock. 
One of my games with the French tangling with a German Afrika Korps Panzer Kompanie.  The Panhard armored cars and Renault tanks are flanking some Panzer Mk II's and Kfz 222 armored cars while Somua medium tanks close in from the front. 
I won all 3 of my Early War games but lost some of my platoons doing it.  I was very pleased with a 2nd place finish and my trophy and Battlefront Swag!
On to the next day's Late War tournament.. I bring my winter themed Soviet Tankovy army. 

Love these guys and have always had a LOT of fun playing them.
A Soviet tanker dismounts to demonstrate his opinion of the German armor his unit faces.  Is that some steam coming up off of.. nevermind. 
I get matched up to play my buddy Will during one of the games!  Here's my Sturmovik starting the game off killing a couple of his German and Hungarian armored fighting vehicles. 
Here's my T-34 horde coming to kill the rest of his armored vehicles.  I lose a couple of platoons but I make up for Will defeating me at Wolfkrieg by putting a big fat L in his Round 2 results column.  
That's about all I accomplished other than having 3 fun games as I went 1 win and 2 losses and finished up somewhere down in the pack.  Just wait'll next year!
My old friend and gaming industry guru Mike Webb had seen our club was getting into Napoleonics and he hooked our group up with a VERY nice Atlas of the Peninsula campaign! 
Other than history and orders of battle and standard graphics maps, it also has topography illustrations and will get a LOT of use helping us design scenarios.  Thanks Mike!
Made it home safe and sound to my family and am feeling blessed I had a lot of fun this weekend.  Looking forward already to next year!

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