Monday, March 19, 2018

We get the 25mm Napoleonics out for a rumble using BLACK POWDER rules!

Been a LONG time since I updated the blog. 
Gotta' do this more often now that I'm actually gaming again :)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Version 4 Mid War
DAK vs. Desert Rats
First real game of Version 4 Mid War rules that we've been looking forward to!  Time to get the DAK vs. the Desert Rats on the table in a FREE FOR ALL game so we could concentrate on learning the rules.
The 8th Army have two formations.  First is a Grant company with a 3 tank HQ, a Grant Platoon, and a Crusader II platoon.  They attach one of the HQ Grants to the platoon.  The second formation is a Motor Company with HQ, a Motor Platoon, UC Carriers, 6pdr AT Guns, 3" Mortars, 17pdr AT Guns, 25pdr Field Guns, and a Honey Stuart OP
They go light on the right flank with Mortars, 6pdrs, and the OP, Crusaders in the middle as a Reserve force, and heavy on the left with 25pdrs, 17pdrs, UC carriers, Motor Rifle, and all of the Grants.  The British use SPEARHEAD to get their strike force forward into cover behind a scrub palm tree woods.  This force also makes the British initial advance in an attempt to flank the enemy right and take an objective.

The DAK force is also two formations with a MK III Company of HQ and two Platoons and an Africa Rifle Company supported by 5cm AT Guns, an 88, and Stuka air support.  They deploy fairly balanced with a MK III Platoon, 5cm guns, and a Rifle Platoon on their left flank objective, the 88 in the middle / right, and the rest of the MK III's and Rifles on their right.

The Turn 1 British advance on their left used the woods to screen the 88 but suffer two tank losses to the MK III's Blitz moving pulling up to shoot.  Air's definitely not as much of a threat to armor as it was before, but with some hot rolls can still do some damage.  The Stuka didn't do much all game except pin some infantry a time or two. 
The Africa Platoon's 8cm mortar kills one of the British 17 pdrs!  The DAK MK III commander made his stormtrooper roll to duck but the platoon, however, failed theirs and remained in long range concealed positions.  Ut oh.

Turn 2 the 25pds fire smoke  to screen the 88 and the Grants tactical move forward.  Hot shooting by the remaining 17pdrs and the advancing Grants completes the destruction of the DAK's right flank MK III Platoon.  The Brit Motor Company stays in the woods waiting for an opportunity to advance to assault.

The Grants finish off the MK III Commander and the 25 pdrs range in and destroy the 88.  UC's keep the infantry's head down with MG fire until the Grants get in position to begin pounding the remaining German infantry with the 25 pdrs ranging in on them as well.

The remaining Mk III Platoon begins moving to their right, so the Crusaders are released from Reserve to intercept and interdict the enemy's movement.  Tally Ho!

The MK III Platoon gets split by a stream bed, the Crusaders wade in, and whiff!  Thankfully the enemy return fire also whiffs next turn.

The DAK MK III's kill one more HQ Grant with their tactical move shooting, and the German forces decide to retreat leaving the field to Monty's troops.  Huzzah!

As far as we could tell, we played it pretty straight by the new rules and had a lot of fun.  We did forget to have the Stuka roll for a 4 each turn to enter the table, but it didn't do much damage anyway so no big deal.
I think everyone enjoyed the new rules!  It's Flames of War, it's fast, it's simple, and it's fun.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out at tournaments soon!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

BLACK POWDER Napoleonics
100 Days Battle with Allies vs. French
"The Pursuit after Waterloo"

Karl, Shawn and I take our toys up to Cullison's for a "Big Silly Napoleonics" bash.
This game debuts some more of Shawn's absolutely gorgeous troops painted by Dragon Painting Service and include his new Hanoverian Brigade!
Some gentle rolling countryside along the road to Paris is the scene of today's battle.  Allies, victorious after Waterloo, are advancing from the right and are met by a delaying force of Frenchmen.  Allies have a few more units of infantry than the French, but many of them are of lower quality Dutch-Belgian and Hanoverians with rules for "Newly Raised" and "Unreliable".  Both sides have 4 regiments of horse but the French have two heavy cavalry regiments to the Allies one. 
We alternate setting up along our baselines brigade by brigade.  The French have most of their cavalry and their horse gun on the more open terrain of their left supported by a brigade of allied Bavarian infantry and a gun.  They are facing the Dutch-Belgian forces on the Allies right flank.
On the French right, their Hussar regiment supports a brigade of 4 ligne battalions and a field gun.  They face British and Hanoverian infantry brigades, two guns, 95th Rifles, and the British heavy and light cavalry.  In the center, the French deploy another 4 unit infantry brigade, including their 2 Legere battalions, to seize and hold the key terrain of the chateau on the hill in the middle of the battlefield and along the Paris road.
Eager for battle, the Dutch-Belgians attack the Bavarians!
The British attack on their left develops slowly, but overwhelming firepower destroys two French ligne battalions.. it's not looking good over here!
The French middle is holding firm and their massed cavalry on their left begins sweeping the enemy from the field. 
The British left flank attack finally comes in with 4 Hanoverian battalions attacking the gallant 2nd of the 51st Ligne, who heroically destroy two Hanoverian battalions in combat and force the other two back.  GLOIRE!
A fresh British battalion, supported by their Brigade Commander, sweeps in to attack a shot up French ligne battalion, but thanks to hot dice and support units to the flank and rear the French see the British off!
The most gorgeous cavalry charge of the game pits French Hussars vs. Scots heavy dragoons, and the Hussars seize the day and the victory.  The Greys retire.  GLOIRE!
"Silly Billy", having enough of his dallying British allies, rolls snake eyes and blunders into an attack against the Bavarians.  Well done, Prince of Orange!  It didn't go so well for the young Prince or his troops as the Bavarians swept them from the field.
Dismounted French Dragoons and the Cuirassier Brigade finish off the Dutch-Belgian right and begin moving towards the center of the battlefield to roll up the enemy line.
 With one more charge for glory, Hanoverian light horse bounce into a French emergency square and are sent packing. 
The remaining Dutch-Belgians pack it in, the British forces begin pulling off of the battlefield and it's a French victory.
'Vive l'Empereur!'